Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comments or Questions

Hey Girls,
If you have advice or questions,or if you just want to talk,
comment or email me at mygirl1679@yahoo.com. Also go to www.beinggirl.com for everything girl!


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  2. come to my site! theblackrose94-itsjustme.blogspot.com

    hope to c u there!

  3. Ok, sorry Jannet havent been on here in FOREVER. But ok, heres what i did everyday, i tried different styles. The first day i tried the natrual look,the 2nd was the dark look, (dont OVER APPLY the eyeliner though!) and you can just kinda ask your friends what they think looks best on you.
    Um, not really, but you could always go to www.marykay.com and see if they have any tips.
    Hope this helps,-Emmy